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14 Feb 2013 11:34

The best ribs are made with thyme.... and mixing an inexact time and a specific place is a recipe  [ ... ]

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27 Jun 2013 21:45

Once you’ve had your fill of the local culinary delights, where you gonna go for a taste of home [ ... ]


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U Sadlu

U SadluU Sadlu is an anomaly. Take a typical Prague pub/restaurant, add happy waiters, and food that has gone Euro. The place is truly amazing.

Once you can get past the writing on the menues (its in some Heiroglyphic-Old German hybrid font) you will enter a world of well-cooked, fresh meats and chicken, prepared with a staggering array of inspired Czech sauces.

Its pub food that won't sit on you for the requisite week that most pub fare does. Its pub food whose dishes don't begin with the word "smazeny." The best part of it is that dishes cost around 100 Kc, and the beer is just as affordable too. Overall, a very unique dining experience.

Klimentska ulice, Praha 1 Metro: Namesti Republiky, Tram: 5, 8, 14, 53